ACW Animania is a mega event from Anime Championship Wrestling. The name is a play on of WWE's Wrestlemania. Instead, to emphasis on Anime, it combines Anime and Mania to simply Animania

It is a co-branded mega event that is ACW's biggest event of the year. It is ACW's Superbowl, ACW's Wrestlemania, ACW's World Series, ACW's World Cup. It has been referred to as "A Legacy's Dream", "The Grandest Stage of Them All", "Anime's Finest Event", and "The Granddaddy of Them All". Animania is one of the "Big Four" events along with Royale Rumble, Fusion, and Anime Revolution. Also, every single title that are in both brands are defended.

CPV Date Venue Location Scheduled Main Event
Animania I May 6, 2007 Staples Center Los Angeles, CA Gaara (c) vs. Miroku for the ACW Excel Championship
Animania II June 18, 2008 MTS Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Beast Boy (c) vs. Naruto vs. Edward Elric in a Triple Threat Match for the ACW Impulse Championship
Animania III December 19, 2014 Madison Square Garden New York City, NY Goku vs. Vegeta in a Loser leaves ACW Match
Animania IV November 11, 2016 Sun Life Stadium Miami, FL Team Goku (Naruto, Dark Magician, & Trunks) vs. Team Tenchi Masaki (Frieza, Broly, & Solid Snake) in a Final Battle Elimination Chamber Match
Animania V 2019 Staples Center Los Angeles, CA Edward Elric vs. Haru Glory for the Undisputed ACW Excel Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match