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The ACW Draft is a draft lottery special event that occurs during the hiatus period of Anime Championship Wrestling after Animania. Excel and Impulse superstars come together for this rare interpromotional special event in a series of matches while the General Managers of both shows look to draft superstars from the opposing brand. The General Managers are allowed five picks each to draft. Excel and Impulse World & Tag Team champions are exempt from the draft as they are title holders for a brand exclusive championship. The Cruiserweight (Impulse) & Glamor X (Excel) champions are also exempt from the draft lottery since they are now brand exclusive titles for their respective brands. However, the Intercontinental & Television champions are up for draft consideration but also up for draft consideration is the general managers themselves. If a general manager is drafted to the opposing brand, a new general manager will be named once ACW returns from hiatus. General managers can also look to trade during and after the draft special but their draft trade period ends on the day on ACW coming back from it's hiatus (i.e. Excel since it's the first show of the week that shows ACW programming). These draft pick and draft trade transactions take into effect when the post-season hiatus of ACW is done and it returns with its' schedule.

Title Date Venue Location Scheduled Main Event
2008 ACW Draft N/A 2008 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO Haru Glory (c) vs. Miroku for the ACW Excel Championship
2015 ACW Draft July 7, 2015 United Center Chicago, IL Trunks (c) vs. Ryu for the ACW Impulse Championship
2017 ACW Draft January 6, 2017 United Center Chicago, IL TBD
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match