2016 ACW Elite Tournament Logo

The ACW Elite Tournament, formerly King of Anime Tournament, is a tournament that takes place during the hiatus (or "off-season") of Anime Championship Wrestling. This is a sixteen man tournament that spans over two rounds until it is down to four men in the semi-finals. Obviously, the winners of the semi-finals match will meet each other in the finals. The victor of the finals match will be declared the King of Elite for ACW throughout the next active season/year for ACW when it comes back.

An incentive or award can be granted depending on whether it's warranted or not. This title is not a title to defend and the previous King of Elite cannot compete in the following Elite Tournament to defend his title. The World champion, depending if the tournament is held for Excel or Impulse stars, cannot compete in the tournament either as he is the World champion anyways.

The tournament switches brands every offseason/hiatus.


Event Brand Winner
2008 King of Anime Tournament Impulse Broly
2011 ACW Elite Tournament Impulse Sagat
2014 ACW Elite Tournament Excel Kinnikuman
2015 ACW Elite Tournament Impulse Sasuke Uchiha
2017 ACW Elite Tournament Excel Edward Elric