ACW Turbo
ACW Turbo Logo
Show Name Turbo
First Airing Date September 16th, 2007
Current Status Defunct
General Manager Roger Smith (Last)

On the ACW website during August 2007, a new section was opened titled ACW Turbo. Folks were starstrucked as to whether it was another show, another CPV, another feature. This mystery would last for days until ACW announced three weeks later that ACW Turbo would be another brand for the ACW promotion. This new brand would have an "ECW" and "extreme" feel to it.

On September 16, 2007, ACW Turbo had made it's debut on YouTube. The arena it used was the WWE RAW arena. Turbo was operated on Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain for the PS2 console.

Hakeem Johnson made the announcement that due to the imminent return of Excel, ACW Turbo would be canceled. The final mega event where Turbo was represented as a full active brand was at Royal Rumble 2008. The final mega event where Turbo held their last match was at Animania II. Turbo's future is uncertain other than it being officially cancelled. Its last theme song was Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson.  


Superstar Name Finisher
Choji Akimichi Gore
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy (Spinning Body Suplex)
Hibiki Tokai Point Blank (Karate Kick)
Hiei Third Eye (Styles Clash), Falcon Arrow
Inuyasha Inudriver (Piledriver), Dragon Slayer (Knee Breaker to back of the Head)
Jaden Yuki N/A
Kankuro Gore
Kazuki Muto German Suplex Pin
KYO Samurai Deeper Bomb (Double Sitout Powerbomb)
Momochi Zabuza Zabuza Bomb (Powerbomb), Clothesline From Hell
Raimundo Pedrosa Dragonsault (Lionsault), 450 Splash
Roy Mustang Obelisk DDT (Snap DDT)
Takeshi Jin IGPX Special
Takuya Kanabara Roll Up Pin
Yusuke Urameshi Shotgun (Straight Punch Thrust)
Zane Truesdale Obelisk DDT