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Anime Championship Wrestling
2016 ACW Logo
Name Anime Championship Wrestling
Establishment (2006 - Present)
Owner Hakeem Johnson
Formerly Anime Wrestling Federation (2006)


Hakeem Johnson has been an anime fan since the days of Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. When he grew up, however, he got very distant from Anime. However, one summer day, as his brother were watching an anime music video on Vegeta, Hakeem Johnson thought about wrestling as well and figured if he would be able to make a promotion with anime AND wrestling. He told his brothers to write down twenty anime characters he can use for a promotion called Anime Wrestling Federation (at the time).

The initial plan was to do a weekly typed show. This would mean Hakeem would type the action and post it on his website. The plan was set for so but then, one day, Hakeem Johnson stumbled across a promotion called NoDQ CAW on YouTube. He had never seen it before and watched and then became an avid viewer. Hakeem has a Day of Reckoning 2 game for Nintendo Gamecube and thought that he could be able to do that. So now, plans had changed and AWF was going to be a video promotion show like NoDQ. On July 1, 2006, Hakeem started to hype AWF by posting music videos for Gaara, DX (Naruto & Gohan), and Sasuke Uchiha. Hakeem, a week later, changed the name Anime Wrestling Federation to Anime Championship Wrestling, known as ACW. This was due to another anime promotion with the name already.

ACW ShowsEdit

ACW Mega EventsEdit

ACW Mega Events tend to be super shows/special shows for the company.

Mega Event ScheduleEdit

Royale Rumble (All)
Anime Revolution (All)
Animania (All)
Genesis (Impulse)
Victory (Excel)
Fusion (All)
Apocalypse (Impulse)
Ground Zero (Excel)
No Boundaries (Impulse)
High Voltage (Excel)

Other ACW EventsEdit

ACW Special Events

Current ChampionsEdit

Championships Current Champions Reign Date Event
ACW Excel Championship Joe Higashi 1 May 10, 2019 Animania V
ACW Television Championship Sagat 1 July 27, 2018 Ground Zero 2018
ACW Glamor X Championship Juri Sanada 1 November 16, 2017 ACW Excel 82
ACW Excel Tag Team Championship Night Raid (Lubbock & Wave) 1 September 25, 2015 High Voltage 2015
ACW Impulse Championship Naruto 2 May 10, 2019 Animania V
ACW Intercontinental Championship Eren Jaeger 1 May 10, 2019 Animania V
ACW Cruiserweight Championship Eren Jaeger 2 September 23, 2018 ACW Impulse 97
ACW Element Championship Yoko Littner 1 May 9, 2019 ACW Direct - Animania V
ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship The Sand Brothers (Gaara & Kankuro) 1 May 10, 2019 Animania V

ACW NewscastEdit

2016 ACW Newscast Logo
From time to time, most times weekly, Hakeem Johnson will come out with a newscast. The ACW Newscasts are audio shows that give the viewers highlights, updates, news, interactive participation, and commentary on everything that is ACW and, sometimes, even topics and subjects that aren't ACW, anime, or wrestling related.


You can watch and find ACW by clicking these websites:

Official Facebook Page of Anime Championship Wrestling
Anime Championship Wrestling's YouTube Channel
Anime Championship Wrestling's Veoh Channel
Anime Championship Wreslting's Twitter Account
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