Anime Revolution 2014 is a co-branded cpv and the second of its chronology. It aired from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.

Nine matches took place, with one in the Preshow. Trunks and Gohan wrestled for the ACW Impulse Championship at the main event. The cpv's tagline "The Return", denotes the return of Naruto.


The Revolution will be digitized! Tonight, five championships are on the line (including the two World titles from Excel and Impulse), many matches will happen that have a lot on the line and will dictate the future for the participants and ACW moving forward, and the six-year long-awaited return of one of the founding pillars of Anime Championship Wrestling in Naruto Uzumaki! Are you ready? NO! ARE. YOU. READY?! Then let's dive into Anime Revolution 2014! #gethype



Donkey Kong pinned Rock Lee after the Jungle Hijinks.

Preliminary matchesEdit

The Street Fighters (Ken Masters & Dan Hibiki) defeated The Little Fighters (Woody & Davis) to win their second ACW Excel Tag Team Championship. Ken pinned Davis after a midair Super Kick.

Joe Higashi made Ness submit to the armbar to retain the ACW Cruiserweight Championship.

Aang pinned Hiei after the Air Bending.

Straw Hat Crew (Monkey D. Luffy,  Roronoa Zoro & Usopp) defeated Anime 4 Kids (Ash Ketchum, Brock & Gary Oak) in a Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match.

  • Ash pinned Zoro
  • Brock pinned Usopp.
  • Luffy pinned Gary, Brock, and Ash after the Gum Gum Blast.

Naruto made his return after six years of absence. He talked about his return to his home aka Anime Championship Wrestling, the night that he betrayed by Gohan, his promise of becoming Impulse Champion once again, and more importantly, making a promise to kick Gohan's ass for Gohan's evil deeds in ACW. Then Gohan came out and told Naruto that he used him to get what he wants.

Miroku vs. Kakashi Hatake was a draw. Sasuke Uchiha attacked them both.

Zuko pinned Haru Glory after the Dancing Dragon to retain the ACW Excel Championship.

Edward Elric defeated Mugen, Sagat, and Gaara in a Fatal Four Way Match to win his second ACW Television Championship. Elric pinned Mugen after a Spear.

Main eventEdit

Trunks and Gohan wrestled for the ACW Impulse Championship. Goku and Vegeta brawled in Goku's office. Ryu attacked Broly before he could interfere. Naruto attacked Gohan. Trunks pinned Gohan after the T-Driver to retain.


# Result Stipulation Brand
1P Donkey Kong defeated Rock Lee Singles Match Excel
2 The Street Fighters (Ken Masters & Dan Hibiki) defeated Little Fighters (Woody & Davis) (c) Tag Team Match for the ACW Excel Tag Team Championship Excel
3 Joe Higashi (c) defeated Ness Singles Match for the ACW Cruiserweight Championship Impulse
4 Aang defeated Hiei Singles Match Excel
5 Straw Hat Crew (Monkey D. Luffy,  Roronoa Zoro, & Usopp) defeated Anime 4 Kids (Ash Ketchum, Brock, & Gary Oak) Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match Impulse
6 Kakashi Hatake vs. Miroku was a draw Grudge Match Excel
7 Zuko (c) defeated Haru Glory Singles Match for the ACW Excel Championship Excel
8 Edward Elric defeated Mugen (c), Sagat, and Gaara Fatal Four-Way Match for the ACW Television Championship Impulse
9 Trunks (c) defeated Gohan Singles Match for the ACW Impulse Championship Impulse
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
P - indicates the match was on the Preshow