ACW Apocalypse
Tagline(s) A Regime Has Begun
Date July 18th, 2014
Venue Prudential Center (Newark, NJ)
Theme Song "Walk Away" by Five Finger Death Punch
Previous Event Ground Zero 2014
Next Event High Voltage 2014

Apocalypse 2014 is an Impulse exclusive ACW cpv. It is the first in its chronology. It was held from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Seven matches took place (one was in the preshow). The main event was a Hardcore Tornado Tag Team match between Trunks & Ryu against Broly & the Impulse champion Gohan.


It's 2014 and the Saiyan Regime of Impulse champion Gohan, Vegeta, and Broly and running rampant all over Impulse! Who could be able to stop this devastating force?! Gohan and Broly team to take on Trunks and Ryu while Edward Elric and Gaara go to war in a Hardcore match to end their intense rivalry. All that plus three championships are defended! A regime has truly begun as ACW presents to you an Impulse branded mega event, ACW Apocalypse 2014.



The debuting Rin pinned KYO after a top rope superplex.

Preliminary matchesEdit

Kankuro & Choji Akimichi defeated The Beybladers (Tyson Kinomiya & Kai Hiwatari) in a Tag Team Match. Choji pinned Tyson after the Choji Bomb.

Joe Higashi pinned Dennis after the Capture Suplex to retain the ACW Cruiserweight Championship.

Edward Elric was interviewed by Justin Roberts about his Hardcore match but his opponent Gaara jumped him right there and they had to brawl all the way to the ring. Gaara made Elric submit with the Sand Claw to win.

A promo for Dark Magician was shown.

Anime 4 Kids (Ash Ketchum & Brock) defeated Earthbound (NessLucas) to win the ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship. The Personal Advisor for Anime 4 Kids was revealed as Gary Oak when Gary distracted Lucas from the entrance stage. Brock pinned Lucas after the Neck Brock-er.

Mugen pinned Sagat after the Kendo to retain the ACW Television Championship.

Main eventEdit

Gohan & Broly defeated Ryu & Trunks in a Hardcore Tag Team Tornado Match. As Ryu and Broly brawled outside the ring, Vegeta nailed Trunks wih a steel chair then followed it up with a Final Flash, giving Gohan the pinfall win.


# Result Stipulation
1P Rin defeated KYO Singles Match
2 Kankuro & Choji Akimichi defeated The Beybladers (Tyson Granger & Kai Hiwatari) Tag Team Match
3 Joe Higashi (c) defeated Dennis Singles Match for the ACW Cruiserweight Championship
4 Gaara defeated Edward Elric Hardcore Match
5 Anime 4 Kids (Ash Ketchum & Brock) defeated Earthbound (NessLucas) (c) Tag Team Match for the ACW Impulse Tag Team Championship
6 Mugen (c) defeated Sagat Singles Match for the ACW Television Championship
7 The Saiyan Regime (Gohan & Broly) defeated Ryu & Trunks Hardcore Tag Team Tornado Match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
P - indicates the match was on the Preshow