Haru Glory (ハルグローリー Haru Gurōrī) is the main protagonist of the Rave Master series and the current Rave Master, never giving up in a fight and willing to protect others in spite of the circumstances. Born on Garage Island, Haru was left in the care of his older sister after their mother died sometime after their father left to find the Rave Stones. By chance, Haru fished Plue out of the ocean and met the previous Rave Master Shiba, who realizes the youth to be his successor. After realizing the threat that the Demon Card organization pose to the world, Haru promises Shiba that he will find the Rave Stone and stop the Demon Card's evil with Plue by his side. Along the way, he is joined by good friends and allies, each having their own goals, yet they have bound together thanks to him and helping each other along the way. He is very friendly and has a lot of energy. He is very protective of Elie, and does anything he can to ensure her safety. Haru also shows to develop a romantic interest in Elie progressively throughout the series, as it also becomes apparent in later chapters that among Haru's greatest motivations to keep fighting onward is in fact for Elie. At the end of the manga it shows that they had a son.

As the Rave Master, Haru carries a special sword called the Ten Commandments or TCM, (or the Ten Powers in the English dub) that can change from its Eisenmeteor form to nine other forms once the Rave Stones are embedded into it. During the finale, it was found that Haru cannot use the last sword because the sword was originally forged for Shiba. This encourages Musica to forge Haru his own sword, where it becomes the tenth sword called Ravelt, and it later becomes the default form. His old sword was destroyed by Galein Musica to test the new sword.


Championships Reign Date Event Notes Days held
ACW Excel Championship 1 September 18, 2008 Animania II defeated Miroku 2,171
ACW Excel Championship 2 October 28, 2017 High Voltage 2017 defeated Akuma¹ 272
ACW Excel Championship 3 October 11, 2018 Royale Rumble 2018 won the 30-Man Royale Rumble Match² 1+

Other achievementsEdit



  • 2x Royale Rumble Match Winner (Excel)