Joe Higashi (ジョー・ヒガシ Jō Higashi, also written as 東 丈 Higashi Jō) is a video game character created by SNK Playmore (formerly SNK). He makes his first appearance in the fighting game Fatal Fury: King of Fighters as one of the three playable characters from the game. The Fatal Fury series introduce Joe as a goofy Muay Thai fighter who enters the King of Fighters tournament along with the Bogard brothers (Terry and Andy) in order to defeat the host Geese Howard to take revenge for the death of Terry and Andy's father. In the meantime, Joe also seeks to fight new rivals through the tournament and keep practicing Muay Thai. Joe is also a recurring character in The King of Fighters series, as part of the Fatal Fury Team initially composed of Joe, Terry and Andy. He was also added to the crossover Capcom vs. SNK Pro along with the sequel Capcom vs. SNK 2.


Championship Reign Date Event Notes Days held
ACW Cruiserweight Championship 1 January 15, 2012 Victory 2012 defeated Ryoma Echizen 1,069
ACW Television Championship 1 September 25, 2015 High Voltage 2015 defeated Cloud Strife in a Ladder Match 1,036