Trunks (Japanese: トランクス Hepburn: Torankusu) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. He makes his debut in chapter #331 The Young Boy of Mystery (謎の少年 Nazo no Shōnen), first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on July 15, 1991, as an unknown young man who has traveled back in time to warn of a deadly enemy. Trunks was later revealed to be the half-Saiyan half-Human son of Vegeta and Bulma.


Championship Reign Date Event Notes Days held
ACW Television Championship 1 n/a, 2006 ACW Impulse 4 defeated Beast Boy and Speedy in a Triple Threat Match
ACW Impulse Championship 1 October 24, 2014 Royale Rumble 2014 defeated Gohan 262